2011 ‘The Block’ campaign launch production notes – Giant Piantbrushes

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Joseph Pole, VFX Supervisor


Test render and composite of the giant paintbrush obstacle


Here is an example of how to save money on a production. It was a relatively small expense compared to the total cost of the production but every bit counts. I guess this is the kind of money saving trick I learned from a couple of years of weekends working on no-budget sci-fi film.

The First pic shows pieces of foam suspended from wires. These were replaced by computer generated swinging paint brushes in the final commercial. This was an economical alternative to having oversized paint brush props built. Had we gone down that path we probably could have only afforded on giant brush, which we wouldn’t have seen until a day before the shoot and would also have been heavy etc etc. We just had to design a rig that would have the correct movement and be safe for the talent.

The final rig was easy to setup and the foam pieces were designed to swing which provided great motion reference for the 3D team and something real for the talent, who weren’t professional actors, to interact with. I placed 3 tracking markers on each piece of foam but in most cases the final shots were so short the CG brushes were easily hand animated.

Supervising and Art Directing the launch campaign was an enormously challenging task and the largest VFX job Channel Nine’s VFX/Design department had undertaken at that time. Since then we have upped the ante once more.