The Voice Australia Launch 2015

Posted on August 08, 2015 tagged with , , , ,

Welcome to The Voice Australia Launch 2015 VFX & behind the scenes. For this commercial, the talented panel of judges compete to find ‘The Voice’. They run, jump and fly Crouching Tiger style to be first to discover a new talent… or do they?

We had the unusual task of shooting on location in a fully functioning hotel in the busy week leading up to Sydney Mardi Gras. I opted to do lot of the shots in-camera and depend on rig removal and roto rather than slow the whole production down with greenscreen.

The solution for the shot of Ricky Martin sliding into a lift was quite unique and is worth a special mention, It involved a felt covered piece of ply, a custom pulley system and a lot of talcum powder to get the desired result. Ricky’s natural athleticism was a huge bonus and he nailed the shot on the 2nd or 3rd take.

Client: Channel Nine
Creative Director: Andrew Peace
Director: Dale Sidney
DOP: Tony Luu
VFX Supervisor: Joseph Pole
Art Director: Joseph Pole
Compositing: Brad Smith, Rosano Lepri, Richie Henson, Moto Morinaga
3D: Matt McKay, Moto Morinaga