VFX Breakdown #BBAU – Big Brother Australia.

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A VFX Breakdown and behind the scenes look at the elements that go into making an award winning TV commercial, the Big Brother Australia 2014 #BBAU Launch.

Our VFX team at the Nine Network Australia is a small group of multi-disciplinarians who never stop until the job is delivered. We use a variety of software – After Effects, Maya, Flame, Cinema 4D… you get the idea, whatever is the best solution for the task in the time available. We completed all the post production on this promo in 10 days. The live action shoot was split into a location and studio shoot done over 2 days.

Thanks to Rosano Lepris for putting breakdown together. This was originally part of our talk at the Autodesk University Extension (AUx Australia 2014) in November 2014. More information on the event can be found here

This promo was awarded silver at the PromaxBDA ANZ 2014 for Best On-Air Program Campaign, a competitive category in which we are proud to have been placed.


BIG BROTHER 2014 vfx breakdown


JOSEPH POLE vfx breakdown


BIG BROTHER 2014 VFX Breakdown