Architeuthis Colossus Id. Trapcode Particular experiment

Posted on March 03, 2011 tagged with , , , , ,

Here’s an experimental project I made for fun and to test some of the new features in trapcode particular 2. It was fairly popular on vimeo and even recieved a complimentary comment from the legendary Peder Norrby – trapcode’s creator.

The general concept is trying to visualise what a sleeping Giant Squid’s id might create if it heard the music of Aphex Twin. Yes, a worn out old genre I know.

Giant squid are one of my favourite animals. Also, a favourite animal of the Sperm Whale as that’s their primary source of food. The squid live about 1km below the surface of the ocean and that’s where the Sperm Whale go to do battle with these leviathans every time they want to eat. Every day, clashes between these 2 huge creatures are taking place in the deep ocean.

Although such conflicts have never been documented, the myriad of suction cap scars and beak scratches on a mature sperm whale’s head tell the story well enough.

Oh, and then there’s the colossal squid, even bigger with the addition of rotating hooks on its longest tentacles and serrated suction cups.

Title: Trapcode Particular 2.0 experiment

Duration: 00:30

Created By: Joseph Pole

Software: AE CS4, Trapcode Particular 2, Trapcode Horizon, Trapcode Form

Music: Aphex Twin

Music Title: On [On EP]